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Glamorous Acapulco

The New York Times had a great archive of stories about Mexico. Here is one about the the return of glamour to Acapulco:

But on the other side of Acapulco Bay, perched high above the tourism mayhem, a stark wood-and-glass pavilion offered an escape hatch from the city's clichés. Inside, a sparkling white restaurant opened up like a giant flashbulb onto the glittering coastline beyond, with house music throbbing to the clinking of wineglasses and the clattering of stilettos on polished concrete floors. A crowd of young Mexicans in open-collar Gucci shirts and fluttering Pucci dresses circulated about, perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of the actress Tara Reid, the singer Luis Miguel and the other boldfaced names who had been spotted there recently.

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