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Puerto Vallarta Things To Do

Whether you are traveling by foot, vehicle, boat or horseback, Puerto Vallarta offers activities both night and day. Stroll along the cobblestone streets of the heart of Puerto Vallarta, known as Viejo Vallarta, or Old Town. Be sure to see La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, the town's main church, topped with a crown replicating that worn by Carlota, the empress of Mexico in the late 1860s. Take a look inside elegant villas, including Casa Kimberly, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's former love nest.

As you continue on along the Malecón, the seawall and sidewalk along the bay front feature benches and interesting sculpture by Mexican artists. Across the street you'll find a host of restaurants and shops. Puerto Vallarta is known for its great shopping, offering everything from designer sportswear to fine folk art. The Mayan culture is apparent in the crafts and artwork found along Folk Art Row on Lázaro Cardenas in Viejo Vallarta.

Take a boat cruise to Los Arcos, a natural rock formation in the bay that's steeped in Spanish Conquistador history. Tour boats will also take you to the Islas Marietas at the entrance to the bay to see the delightful Bobo birds. Boats are available for whale watching, snorkeling and visits to the isolated, beautiful beaches of Quimixto, Las Animas and Yelapa. On Yelapa you can parasail, enjoy seafood at the many beachside restaurants or hike upriver to the waterfall.

The lush green hills above Puerto Vallarta are a birdwatcher's paradise. Take a bus, rent a bicycle or motorcycle. Horseback riding is also available, with time allotted for a mountain stream swim and lunch. Ask at your hotel for a list of ranches. Some will provide transportation from your hotel.

For sportsmen and women, there are three major golf courses presently open. Reservations can be made through your hotel for the Marina Vallarta complex and Los Flamingos Country Club, an 18 hole golf course. The third course, located at the Four Seasons Hotel, is available only to guests. The annual Sailfish International Tournament is held in November, but a variety of sportfishing cruises are available in Puerto Vallarta all year.