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Mexico-On-Line » Puerto Vallarta Dining » Puerto Vallartas Restaurant Week Turns Ten

Puerto Vallartas Restaurant Week Turns Ten

Restaurants Serve-up Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Dishes the Vallarta Way

New York February 27, 2014- Celebrating one of the longest runs in contemporary Mexican culinary events, the Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week will turn 10-years-old in 2014 and participating establishments are ready with special menus to satisfy all tastes.

puerto-vallarta.jpgPuerto Vallarta is one of Mexicos leading culinary destinations, offerings hundreds of opportunities for foodies to enjoy different types of gastronomy, including typical street food from families who have sold tacos and ceviches for generations to Five Star Diamond Award restaurants that offer the latest in international dishes. Foodies with special dietary needs will find that Puerto Vallartas chefs are more than willing to include dishes that are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and organic dishes.

During Restaurant Week, which takes place every year from May 15th -31st, Puerto Vallarta's most prestigious restaurants showcase innovative three-course menus, with three options available for each course. Prices range from $15 to $25 and do not include alcohol or tips.

Each zones popular spots are represented with La Leche and Thierrys Prime Steak House from the Marina and hotel zone. The Centro Historico adds Barcelona Tapas, award winning restaurant El Arrayan, and Caf des Artistes to the line-up. Head to the Romantic Zone and try Archies Wok, Daiquiri Dicks, Taste and Kaiser Maximilian. The award winning Blanca Bleu with its impressive wine cellar and the breathtaking Le Kliff, on Vallartas south shore, round-off the event.

Foodies will find that Puerto Vallartas restaurants are always willing to accommodate their patrons, and most dishes can be modified to meet vegetarian and vegan needs, so it is very important to communicate dietary needs to wait staff or Chef to ensure meals are cooked and delivered appropriately.

Vegetarians and vegans will have a diverse group of restaurants to choose from in Vallarta, from the Planeta Vegetariano, a completely meat-free restaurant located in the middle of downtown that offers all-you-eat vegetarian buffet and main dishes, to 100% Natural which offers vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Mexican dishes in their vegetarian or vegan interpretations can be found at River Cafe and Que Pasa is home to the Puerto Vallarta veggie burger, home-made macaroni and cheese and other American comfort foods. Also El Patio de mi Casa is a caf that offers vegetarian soups and grilled veggie and tofu sandwiches.

For a more international flair, try Barcelona a Spanish Tapas restaurants in downtown serving gazpacho, vegetarian paella and spinach with apples and pine nuts. Also, Taste Restaurant in the Conchas Chinas area of the city, serves tortilla soup and Quinoa grain salad with Peruvian potatoes and organic heirloom tomatoes as their vegetarian/vegan options.

For those who look to avoid gluten, Puerto Vallarta offers everything from street food to traditional Mexican delicacies to fusion cuisine. Overall, the cuisine of the region is quite perfect for the gluten-free lifestyle. Traditional Puerto Vallarta dishes like quesadillas, taquitos, chilaquiles, and tacos are made from corn-based tortillas and are not made with flour. Even tequila and the Puerto Vallarta moonshine, Raicilla, are both made from the agave plant, making it gluten-free.

Always communicate with the wait staff the need for a glutton-free meal, many restaurants have sophisticated dishes, fusing international cooking styles in unique preparations while ensure they remain gluten-free. Chefs such as Thierry Blouet from Caf de Artistes, Nacho Cadenas La Leche and Bernhard Gths Trio offer simple but layered dishes.

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