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Mexico-On-Line » Acapulco » Acapulco Things To Do

Acapulco Things To Do

Welcome to Acapulco! The number one attraction for most visitors is the beautiful string of beaches. But there's so much more to do and see.

A visit to Old Acapulco is a must. Tour El Fuerte de San Diego (Old Acapulco Map D-4). This 18th century fortress houses an historical museum portraying prehistoric times through 1821 when Mexico won its independence from Spain. Zócalo (Old Acapulco Map B-5) is a busy, tree-lined plaza, the place to meet and greet. On Sunday evenings, you may find live music there. Right behind the Zócalo, is Nuestra Senora de la Soledad (Old Acapulco Map B-4). This modern church is noteworthy for its unusual architecture. Take a walk along the commercial waterfront where fishermen sell their catch and cruise ships dock. Or catch your own fish in the waters near the port. Sailfish, red snapper, skipjack and more species are abundant. Ask at your hotel for available charters. The bustling Mercado Municipal (Old Acapulco Map C-3) is a busy city market selling everything from produce to love potions and magic talismans. On a hilltop above Old Acapulco, El Mirador, is the best place to watch the thrilling jumps of the La Quebrada Cliff Divers (Old Acapulco Map A-5).

Swim with the dolphins at CICI (Acapulco Map I-6), scuba dive
and enjoy the aquarium at Mágico Mundo Marino, on a small island reached by a rope bridge from Playa Caleta (Old Acapulco Map D-9).
Acapulco Zoo on Isla Roqueta, where you can see Acapulco's wildlife in its natural habitat, is accessible by water-taxi from Playa Caleta. For more excitement, skim over the beautiful waters of the Papagayo River on a Shotover Jet or take a Jungle Tour of the Coyuca Lagoon. Both are
available via the Continental Emporio hotel (Acapulco Map F-6). Additional water sports and sportfishing facilities are also found in Coyuca Lagoon (Acapulco Map A-6). Enjoy rides, a skating rink and a life-size model of a Spanish galleon at Parque Papagayo (Acapulco Map E-6). For the truly adventurous, Bungee Jump from the 50-foot tower overlooking Acapulco Bay (Acapulco Map G-6). Barra Vieja (Acapulco Map J-10) is
popular for its waves and horseback riding on the beach.

Golfers can enjoy the courses at Club de Golf Acapulco (Acapulco Map H-6), Club de Golf Tres Vidas (Acapulco Map J-10), the Pierre
, Princess and Mayan Palace Golf Courses (Acapulco Map J-10).
At sunset, the city comes alive. Dance 'til dawn at Disco Beach
(Acapulco Map G-6), Baby-O's (Acapulco Map J-7), Palladium (Acapulco Map I-9) and Enigma (Acapulco Map J-9), to name only a few, or sing along at Siboney Piano Bar (Acapulco Map I-9).

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